Why Do We Play?

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Play is one of the most transformative forces in a child’s life. Play is not just for fun: it’s how children understand the world, how they articulate their hopes and dreams, how they learn to communicate with and interact with others, and how they develop and grow into adulthood. Play tests a child’s capabilities in ways that encourage them to experiment and grow without fear of failure.

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Active, playful activities ignite a lifelong love of learning in children, motivating them to explore inside and outside of the classroom. With the knowledge and skills they acquire through play, children become engaged and self-motivated. Playing equips them to cope with and solve the complex challenges they face, so they can flourish and contribute to their families and communities.

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Learn more about the power of play

Playing helps us connect with others

When we play, we practice skills like communication and conflict resolution, and develop lasting friendships.

Playing builds our confidence

When we play, we take risks and step outside our comfort zone.

Playing teaches us to accept differences

When we play, we break down social barriers, build connections, and give each other space and opportunities to lead and contribute.

Playing strengthens our resilience

When we play, we learn how to process difficult emotions, cope with challenging situations, and express our feelings to those around us.

Playing fosters our curiosity

When we play, we learn to focus and persist in activities using our own enthusiasm. We learn to connect ideas, gain a deeper understanding of lessons, and how we can apply these concepts to our lives.

Playing builds problem solving skills

When we play, we learn that we can make mistakes and try again in a safe and familiar context. We build on these mistakes to find innovative solutions to problems.

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