Joana Mäder

Beach Volleyball

"My sport has given me a lot since I first started playing. My height wasn’t always easy to deal with during my school years. After I started playing volleyball, that changed very quickly.
It is extremely valuable and important for the development of children, regardless of their gender, that they are physically and mentally supported in a relaxed atmosphere. That's why I am excited to commit myself to Right To Play and hope to help this valuable organisation grow even further.”

Joana Mäder picked up her technical foundation in classical volleyball, where she reached the highest Swiss league. At 21, she began her career in beach volleyball. The athletic duo sport in the sand, as well as the enormous pressure on each individual player, inspire her surpass herself and fight for the biggest titles in beach volleyball. Joana is committed to working with Right To Play to provide opportunities and support to disadvantaged children. She is particularly passionate about improving the quality of education for girls and boys worldwide and advocating gender equality.